Financial Policy

Chiropractic Indian Trail NC Financial

Financial Policies & Payment Options

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered unless a signed financial agreement has been prepared in advance with our chiropractic Business Manager in  Indian Trail NC and Matthews NC. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

If the patient has health insurance, we will bill the third-party insurance company for their estimated portion. The patient will be responsible for payment of the deductible, co-payment, and/or co-insurance at the time services are rendered.

A patient's insurance will be verified; however, verification is not a guarantee of payment. The patient will be responsible for any charges not covered by the insurance.

If a charge is determined not covered by the insurance carrier through the insurance verification, payment is expected at the time service is rendered.

We will bill the patient's insurance two times within a 45-day period. If no response from the insurance company, the patient will be responsible for the balance.

When the doctors are in-network with the patient's insurance, the patient will be charged their portion of the benefits at the time services are rendered. Any non-covered charge will be billed to the patient if denied by the insurance. Otherwise, the patient will only be responsible for their portion of the charges.

If the doctors are out-of-network with the patient's insurance, we will estimate the patient's co-insurance portion; however, we expect payment in full at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.

We will bill the patient for any unpaid patient portion after the insurance has made the final payment. The patient will receive a minimum of three statements requesting payment. After a final notice is sent, the account will be turned to a bad debt collection agency.

Personal injury cases are not accepted for assignment. You are expected to pay your fees at the time of service and collect reimbursement from your settlement.

All supplements and supplies must be paid for in full at the time they are dispensed.

The bad debt collection agency will report any unpaid balance to the credit bureau.

If we need to hire an attorney to recover any unpaid balances, all legal fees associated with such balance will be your responsibility.

The patient will be responsible for all bank fees associated with a return check.